20 years ago, as I watched my Mom take her last breath in the hospital, I was moved to found Art On Wheels, Inc. It's an extraordinary realization when I stop to think about this continued journey and the countless individuals who have helped us get to this point in our development! I like to call you all our Art On Wheels' Angels simply because we couldn't have done all of the inspired teaching that we do without all of you!

    During these extremely challenging financial times, we are asking you to help lift us up as we move into our next 20 years of delivering the creative process. Your unrestricted gift will help us pay for much needed art supplies, Instructors, etc. for all of our students including those in centers for disabilities, nursing homes and group homes. On behalf of our Board, our staff and those we serve, we want you to know that your generous gift is so appreciated by all of us!



   Each level of giving above is represented by a master artist who has been an inspiration to us both in and out of the classroom. You may prefer to make your donation in any multiple of 20, for example: $20.00, $40.00, $60.00, $80.00, $100.00, etc.

    Each and every generous donation at any level will aid us in reaching our goal of $20,000 to continue delivering the creative process in our 20th year of service and beyond. 

   If you would like make a donation, you may do so via Paypal by clicking the button below or donate by check payable to Art On Wheels Inc. sent to;

1148 Main Avenue, Suite 500

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

$520.00    Screckengost

$420.00    Nevelson

$320.00    Bearden

$220.00    Michelangeo

$120.00    O'keefe

$20.00      Matisse


2O for 20!

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