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Happy New Year!

We're hoping that you had a positively memorable holiday celebration with your loved ones!

We continue to be thankful for our many blessings.

One of our blessings is the continued opportunity to be one of the charities designated to be a part of

*The Nautica Charity Poker Festivals.*

Serving as a traveling nonprofit art education organization,

traveling to group home Residents, nursing home Residents, inner city school students, etc.

it is extremely difficult during these hard economic times

to bring in enough funding to cover all of our expenses.

This opportunity to host a Nautica Charity Poker Festival weekend helps all of us,

as charities in this region, to be able to continue to serve our community.

*We need your Volunteer help*

to make this event a success,

and hope that you will please consider giving of your time and talents.

*We need Seat Fee Collectors & Card Dealers*

(If needed, training is quick & easy)

Our weekend is

Thursday & Friday, January 28th & January 29th

4pm - midnight


Saturday & Sunday, January 30th and January 21st

2pm - midnight

*Please let us know as soon as possible*,

what days & times

you will be able to commit to helping us with this extraordinary fund-raising event.

We need approximately 150 Volunteers for this event,

so the massive schedule is already in process.

*My direct phone number is 216.941.7643*

Volunteers must be 18 years of age, with no felonies.

If you will, please forward this message to your family, friends & Colleagues, Thank you.

May you & yours be showered with infinite blessings throughout 2010!

Take Good Care,


/Carolina Martin, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Art On Wheels, Inc.

1148 Main Avenue, Suite 500

Cleveland, Ohio 44113


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